I'm trying to consume the TransUnion TLOxp SOAP service based on their WSDL but am running into recursion problems, getting error messages such as this "Cannot import AbbreviatedPersonSearch method because 'Recursion' is not supported (present in AbbreviatedPersonSearchResponse structure).

I know what the recursion issue is and I know how to fix it, I'm just having problems locating where exactly the errors are occurring. The structures in the WSDL are very complex and quite often nested within each other several layers deep. I found one problem and fixed that and reduced the errors by half but am having trouble locating where the other error(s) are located.

If anyone has actually got this to work could you please give me some pointers as to where *exactly* you found the issues?

Hello Alun,

Are you able to share the full WSDL here?

Best regards

Hi Alun, 

I haven't work with TransUnion API, but I'm willing to help you. 

That would be great if you could share further details. 


I believe he is under NDA with Transunion.