ORA-02292: integrity constraint (OSADMIN.OSFRK_OSLTM_SYNCUSERS_OSS10207) violated - c

Hi All,

We are continuously noticing these errors (ORA-02292: integrity constraint (OSADMIN.OSFRK_OSLTM_SYNCUSERS_OSS10207) violated - child record found) in our ServiceCenter.

Whenever the timer CleanUpOldProcess of the espace Lifetime Engine is running, we are getting these constraint errors. And also want to know what this table(OSLTM_SYNCUSERS) does?

Kindly do the needful if you face any similar kind of issues. Thanks in Advance..!!


Sripriya Sekar

Hi sripriya, 

This indicates is that the user attempted to delete a record from a parent table (which is referenced by a foreign key)(that must have a delete rule- protect), but a record in the child table exists.

 Syncusers table is a part of lifetime. you need to find the table where you are getting this error.

first delete all the child records and then delete parent records.

Check this discussion and this. It may help you.



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