XML SelectNode throws Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Hi guys,

I follow the tutorial here:


But I got stuck at step 9:

Add a XmlElement_SelectSingleNode Action from the XML Extension after the previous Action. Set the XmlElement input to XmlNodeList_Item.XmlNode and the XPathString input to "title"

It throws Object reference not set to an instance of an object error.

It can't get the "title" node. I don't know why. I used OutSystems 11.

Any ideas? Thanks!


HI Minh,

I tried all the steps as mentioned in the documentation and i ma not getting any such error , i am able to get the title . I created a sample oml till step 9 to make sure that is working fine , please refer the oml and compare it with your code if there is anything missing.

I created a webscreen where i have a text box to input xml and passing the same xml as text rather sending binary data and converting it to text.

I called the action on Ok button click on the same screen . 




Hi Pramod,

I compared your version with mine. It turned out that I used XmlDocument_SelectSingleNode instead of XmlElement_SelectSingleNode. Thanks!



Hi Minh ,

Good to know that it solved your problem .!