How to get details about espace version?

When I open module in service center, I can see this:

Can someone advise, how can I get this "Refresh References via Service Center" flag or title in the entities provided by (System)? I was looking in Espace / Espace_Version / Publish data, and comparing to what I see in service center, but don't see where it comes from.

Also, would be nice to find out the "Published" flag, don't notice it also. I think if Publishing_Id is Null - this means it's not published. Is it so?

Please help!

The only way I could find is by using "Service studio version" field. Not sure if this is fully reliable, but at least in the latest history we have it seems that all service center publishes have this version, but this version doesn't appear in real publishes. Maybe it is some "special" version used only by SC. I have compared all the fields of the records and don't see any other difference.

But also, when I inspected that text with dev tools - I noticed its class is "CommitMessage", which made me think that there is a field for publish comment somewhere, which SC is using internally (and off course it's just waiting for management approval to be released as part of service studio for us regular users!). Anyways, I didn't find anything like that in entities.