Is it possible to add break point in javascript for debug?

You can debug javascript in Google Chrome for example, check this:

Luís Almeida wrote:

You can debug javascript in Google Chrome for example, check this:

This is not related with Outsystems IDE. I want to debug my Mobile app in outsystem and to add break point in javascript.

You can't put a breakpoint inside your custom Javascript in Service Studio, I would recommend (if you are using a Device to debug) to go here:
And in there you can do it the same way as I said in my first reply

This has been answered.

Check this topic, the answer is there.

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You can either first open google chrome dev tools and set the breakpoint, or alternatively use the statement


in your javascript code. This acts as a coded breakpoint, for it to work the devtools need to be open when you test your mobile app in the browser.



I Think, we cannot add breakpoint into the javascript using outsystem IDE.

If it it possible than please let me know anyone 

I need to be sure regarding this in Yes or No .

As I have tried in outsystem mobile , I add a javascript in the client action and tried to add the break point into the javascript but there is no option to add break point . so I am not able to debug. Am I right?

As far I found that we cannot debug in javascript. I strictly want to be sure because to my mobile exam preparation.

Kindly let me know anyone with surety ?


No it is not possible to set breakpoint in javascript using OutSystems IDE.

But you can debug the javascript of a mobile outsystems app  in chrome preview mode and also on the mobile device using chrome remote device debugging if you connect the mobile device to your laptop using USB.