Security Warning when using server actions on pages that allows anonymous access


Can you help me on how to avoid "Security Warning
You're exposing a Server Action for public access and without authentication. Consider removing the Anonymous Role from this Screen." warning on pages that allows anonymous access in reactive application. For example I am using the GetPersonalAreaName built in function, however it is not available on client side so I created a server action so I can use it. But when I tried using the created function on a client function or even on a data action, I am having the said error. Thanks in advance.

Hi Ma. Joy Aropon,

Try to wrap a Server Action call in a Client Action other than ButtonOnClick or similar.

Just tried this approach - it works. If I put a Server Action call directly to ButtonOnClick action it throws aforementioned warning.

Hope this helps


this solution will get rid ot the security warning but doesn't solve the actual security threat. The server action will still be exposed without authentication. If you're sure what you're doing and just want to get rid of the warning, then go ahead.

But be aware that all server actions used in Anonymous screens are exposed and consider this when building your application.

Can you please share oml

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