IOS Screenshot Prevention

Hi Team,

I was working on the integration to prevent taking Screenshots in IOS. I haven't found any plugin on this in Outsystems or cordova. So I have gone to the third party service called Screen Shield Kit. I have contacted them and they provided me a demo project which integrated using Objective C which is 30 days valid licensed one. I was unaware of implementing the plugin using the code. Anyhow I have tried to implement a github cordova plugin. But still that plugin is not working well which means I can able take screenshot. So, I am really in need of support for this.

My Github plugin -

Third party Service website -

I have attached the Demo project Zip file.

Regards and Thanks in advance,

Mounika Bora

Hi Mounika,

I doubt if you should put the effort in to code this. Don't publish any content worth stealing. Most of the web uses this technique, And don't forget, the user can always take a picture with another (phone)camera.

You can never garantuee, even if you can code the blocking of taking a screen shot that there are no screen shots taken.



Hi Daniel, 

I agree for that it doesn't make any sense in terms of security. But, it works in android to prevent taking screenshot by using "Privacy Screen Plugin" why not in IOS.

Best Regards, 

Mounika Bora