User Self Registration Page DBO. with key 0 was not update on userext

Hi community,

currently I am trying to develop a mobile self-registration process like the User Registration Flow sample from forge. I want to build a registration flow out of 3 pages. 1. page for the general user info like nick-name email and password. The second page is for additional user info like address or first and last name all bundled in a UserExt entity with as identifier. I can create the user on the first page but when trying to update the info on the second page the error [....].DBO.[...) with key 0 was not updated. I guess the user id created on the first screen is not fetched by the second one. Currently I am struggling with this and hope that you can give me a hind how to solve.





Hi Tobias,

The problem is that you never assign the Id to the User.User:id or when you pass it to AddUserInfos you also don't assign it there.

Btw better than send it as an input to the next screen would be better to just call GetUserId() on the new screen



Thanks Marcelo! 

Have a nice weekend!

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