Hi Team,

May I know how do I export an outsys entity definition ( that is, its name, attributes, data type, length, decimals etc ) to an excel file?

I would appreciate if detailed navigational steps can be shown on how to do this as I'm new to outsys. Many thanks!



Hi Tuck Chong Loh,

As far as I know, you cannot export the definition to Excel, can you elaborate why you need this?

You can export the data to Excel via the Record List To Excel tool though... and it will correctly map OutSystems data types to compatible Excel data types (the Attribute names will be used as Excel column names).

Sorry I can't be of more assistance.

Hi Jorge

I am doing a data migration check and need to compare the entity definition of the source vs their corresponding definition in the destination in outsys, on a field by field basis, to ascertain their length, data type, format mappings are correct.

Therefore, it will be great if I can export them out onto excel to do the comparison. Else, I may have to manually click on every outsys entity attribute to dig them out, one by one.



Hi Tuck,

You could use OutDoc to generate a definition for the entities. Although the OutDoc output is not equivelant to the DDL of an SQL table.



Hi Tuck,

If you want to check the entity definition, you can implement your own export mechanism using OutSystems. You will need to use the following (System) entities:

  • Entity (for the Entity specific details)
  • Entity_Attr (for the Attribute specific details - including mandatory, type and length)
  • Entity_Record (for Static Entity records)
  • Espace_Entity (to determine which module defines a certain Entity) 

For an example of how to use this metamodel, you can check the View4Entity forge component.

Hope this helps