Integrated authentication in react

In our react app we want to use integrated authentication, but this is currently not availabel in react.

Does someone has a work around for this and will this become available in the future?

Hi Kevin,

Maybe the IDP forge component



Hi Leonardo,

I think Kevin means integrated windows authentication.



Hello Kevin,

I assume you mean the fact that this is missing from React applications?

Daniël, I think your link is wrong there, it points to "https://integrated%20windows%20authentication/"

Hi Craig, i fixed the link, thanks for pointing that out.


I mean integrated windows authentication.

And like Craig said, this is missing in react application.


React applications are like Mobile Apps, so haven't Integrated Authentication option too on a screen properties.

I guess the authentication configuration would be the defined in the Users application, wouldn't?

Or IDP component for other authentication services.



Hi, there is no these option entries in Reactive App. Please advise how to use idpReact forge

Hi Jessica,

How to use IDP(React) is described in its very extensive documentation:

Note that this is not something like Integrated Authentication. You will need an authentication provider that can use SAML, this is not something AD supports out-of-the-box. 


Vincent Koning

Thank for yr response. 

However, this documentation is for implementing a traditional web app. 

May you advise how to apply it in the reactive web app (it hasn't 'NoPremission' and 'LoginInfo') ?

Hi Jessica,

I don't use this component anymore myself but the component uses the iDP itself as the configuration host. You then need to use the demo app (since no other documentation is available) to figure out the needed changes. This can be read on the forge components details. 

The last time I used this component it was very easy to use (but it didn't match my requirement so I went for something else instead). Please download the demo app, investigate it and if you have any questions then please post these.

Hi Jessica,

Some more information. If you don't have a SAML provider for you (presumable) Active Directory you need to install ADFS into your environment (Or use Azure AD for example should you have that up-and-running). You can get instruction on how to install these here:

Should you already Azure AD in place you can also use the Microsoft Login Connector component. This allows uses to login via the oAuth2 protocol (something alike SAML). For this you need to configure the following 3 forge components;

  1. Microsoft Login Connector Core
  2. Microsoft Login Connector Reactive
  3. Microsoft Login Connector Management

There is documentation (but not complete) available including Demo documents. I will expand on the documentation soon but if you have any question I can answer those.