Hi all, I'm newbie in OS and trying to create a very first reactive web application. My issue is that I don't find any "more mature" to fetch environment variables from server side. Of course we can call a server action anytime, in any screen or web block but for "constant" like variables, it is not wise to make request many times.

I tried to fetch and store in some places that any screen can read like "client variable".

The problem is I don't know where to put the fetching logic - the event which are guaranteed to run before any screen so that we can make sure the logic goes well in any cases.

Do we have that such thing in OutSystems?



There is a system event called OnApplicationReady, you right click on the client action --> Add system Event --> On Application Ready. You can try to fetch the site properties and store in client variables.



Hi @Prasad Rao

Thank you so much for your quick help. :)