How to implement Drag and Drop Sortable List?

Hi, guys!

I'm a newbie on Outsystems and here I am again seeking for help.

I have a table where I insert information through another page.

In this table I need to be able to move a person up or down, according to its priority in this kind of queue or maybe use some kind of priority queue logic.

So, I've been trying to use Drag and Drop Sortable List, but haven't find documentation or a step by step simple example.
Just found this one:, however, I was looking for something more pratical.

Hope I'v been clear enough so that you can get me right (:




Hi Eduardo,

The first tought I have was actually the component you mentioned in your post.

What is it that you find not practical about it?




Did you check for the demo app for the component You can copy paste the logic from here.


Hi, guys,

Since there's no instructions, documentation or a little step by step explaining how to include it on our applications, I couldn't manage to use it successfully. I've been trying myself, but when I try to drag any item of a list, for example, I end up dragging the entire list and I don't know how to set the functionality to pick just one item at a time.

Hope I could make myself clear so that you can help me :/



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