[Salesforce Connector] Salesforce Connector - Unable to create leads and unable to connect to custom domain
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Dear support,

I had 2 issues with the salesforce connector when running the SF connector demo:

1) My company has a custom salesforce domain, when I followed the instruction in the demo app, I am getting the following error

2) When I was trying the same using my personal developer account, it's connected properly

However, I am unable to create leads although the message shows "Leads created successfully".

When I go to salesforce, the leads is not getting created.


For 1)

I managed to solve issue 1) by setting the URL to be as below:

"[YOUR COMPANY's CUSTOM URL]/services/Soap/u/42.0"

for 2)

I am still unable to create leads using the connector. I guess it could be a bug. Please help

Hi TC2020,

Can you give the details on what are you doing and the specific errors that you're getting?


Hi Henrique,

I am connecting to our company's salesforce to test connectivity between OutSystems and Salesforce using the connector.

Our salesforce has a custom domain. I managed to connect to it eventually in OutSystems but unable to create lead.

The issue is that the message shows that leads created successfully but no leads have been created in the Salesforce system.

Hi TC2020

you should dubeg the external module(salesforce connector),where you can confirm the real error message what happen.

I thinks this error occur in salesforce connector not in outsystems so the messgae show that leads created successfully.

Let me show your error message copy please because I cannot see your picture.

be helpful


Hi May Zin Linn,

Thank you for the quick response. Actually, we are doing POC for onboarding OutSystems. Being able to connect to Salesforce is a mandatory criteria. In this case, I am also pretty new to the debugging the external module you have mentioned, could you please share some thoughts on how to do that? Or any tutorial? I have already installed Visual Studio and opened the source code through integration studio. However, the breakpoint is not taking effect.

Hi TC2020

Please check attempt file.

This file describe how to debug external module.

I also cannot debug Visual Studio.If you find the way please share me.

good luck.



Hi TC2020,

We need more info on the error, can you please reproduce the error and then go to

Service Center -> Monitoring and try to get more information on what's happening?


The werid part is that I already connected successfully and is able to show the list of leads. However, when I am trying to create new leads, the below error comes:

Here's the log:

The "URL=" is a message that I added to the code.

Hi TC2020

First you check the succesful message like picture

if this message you cannot create your new lead.

Second check another message like picture(Lead your name succesfully created)

This message you can create your new lead succesfully.

if you want to do this you must fill the field First Name First Name below the picture

actually the second first name is Last Name

PS:when you fill First Name Last Name will appear automatically.This is right.

If there is no Last Name you cannot create your new Lead.

 Please try.

May Zin Linn

Hi May Zin Linn,

Attached my steps:

1) Creating leads

2) Leads created successfully with name

3) But when I log into the system, I don't find those

Hi TC2020

do you means this lead list .sorry my salesforce is japanese version.
if true you can choose menu 

may be english language is Leads All in Progress Leads.

Please check it.

May Zin Linn

Hi all,

I'm doing my integration at the moment exactly as TC2020 and I am experiencing the exact same problem.
I can view leads created using salesforce, I can even do a patch request on these leads. My problem is I can not create(POST) leads from Outsystems for them to appear in Salesforce. I get a successful message alright but those records are not created.
Did anyone find a solution to this problem?

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