Feedback Message not showing (JavaScript error)

Hi All,

The feedback message is not showing up on a particular app, even an empty screen with a single button.
The error takes a while to show but then comes as:
Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received.

Any ideas on how to fix this (I am not using any browser extensions and tested in both Chrome and IE11), this particular application was re-skinned from SilkUI to OutSystems UI Web. Works fine on other apps in the same environment.

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Hi André,

I'm assuming that you can't reproduce this with a completely new application. When you say that it was re-skinned, can you describe the steps that were taken?

Are there any other applications using the same theme? Does your layout webblock include the SilkUI/UIWeb requirements?

Thanks Afonso , it works ; ) 

i didn't need GetCssGlobalContext() , Only the 'WidgetsForLayout' was enough : )