In terms of development on the reactive web screens, I want to know if is possible to have a property of Is Default like the traditional web.

On reactive, we got the Is Form Default but if we activate them outside a form launches a warning because the form is missing and if we don't put them don't have the behavior desire like press the enter and that action occurs.

Exists another way to have that behavior instead of using a JS code, or are you thinking to implement that on reactive web equal to the traditional web?

Hi João,

Just out of curiosity, can you give me an example of the use case you have to implement where you'll need a default button outside a form?

Asking this because in order to use the full potential of OutSystems, it's recommended that we use the platform widgets. So if you want to save data that should be done using a Form widget alongside buttons that are "assigned" to that form.

Hi Cristiana,

One use case for that could be the filter block.  In a regular screen where you have an input to filter your table. if you want to put a Search and a Reset button to refresh data only when you trigger the Search button.  In this case, we don´t need a form to put our input, but its wonder if we could have the Default button behavior.

Hi Cristiana,

Yes I know if we can to use the platform widgets but in this case, it is a simple list screen that got a button of search, a reset and an add record in some cases. So for that reason, we don't need a form.

The objective is a user clicks on enter and instead of click on a random button, just search on the list by the values that are present on the screen.

Like you did on the traditional web when you got true on button Is Default property.


Hi João, Fábio,

In those cases you need to put the filters inside a form (that would also be the correct way to do it in standard HTML).


Tiago Simões 


Hi Tiago,

Thanks for your answer I will do that on my screens for now on. 

Best Regards,

João Pereira