WINWORD alternative for Mail Merge

In most applications where I worked we had to generate documents from database fields. For this we use the extension wordmerge, which has given some problems due to the fact that with often blocks the winword process.
I have read many topic to talk about this extension and it has been discussed how to solve some of it's problems. My question is: are there any alternatives?

One is the Aspose.Words, which is independent of Microsoft Word, but it is paid. Has anyone used it?

Hi Mário


Office Automation in web applications can have some drawn backs, like the example you've provided.


In fact, Microsoft suggests not use Office Automation at all in Web Applications, but use alternatives instead, and with the new Office 2007 file formats, that became easier to do.


This as been already refered on the forum topic, which references the MS article, where MS presents alternative APIs to directly generated/manipulate office files, without the need of having office applications (like excel or word) running in background.


These alternatives require C# development though, but they are available for the developer for free, since they are available as C# Classes from Microsoft .NET Framework.


Hope this information is helpful.




Miguel Simões João

Hi Mário,

There are several 3rd parties tools that allows you to create documents using Mail Merge techniques, some are paid. One of the advantages is that you have less developments comparing with the approach of building from scratch all your code to support the automation via MS Office Automation.

We already did some integrations with Aspose , it has a set of APIs capable of offering a very fast and reliable Mail Merge functionalities.

Other options:
  • TXText Control .NET Server
  • Client side plugin /
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Crystal Reports
  • ...

  • Regards,
    Paulo Garrudo.
    for mail merage from database , Try to use Spire.Doc ( - it is .NET component that supports read and write doc, docx, html, image etc.

    mail merage example,