missing  MySapExplorer on menu tools visual studio - SAP Integration

missing  MySapExplorer on menu tools visual studio - SAP Integration

Boa tarde,
efectuei a instalação do componente Rafaelc no visual studio 2005 Professional com o C# instalado. Só que ao tentar criar uma nova extensão com o integration studio em import actions from SAP, quando abre o visual studio no menu tools não aparece o MySAPExplorer apesar de aparecer em add-in manager indicando que está activo.

Alguma ideia sobre esta questão?

Hi José,

Can you please confirm that you've installed the attached component (namelly SAP Proxy Gen)?
José Martins
I have everything installed but since my Visual Studio is the 2008 Express, I have limited features (no add-ins).
I was wondering if it's possible the workaround to ask the xif to one of you, and I just change the variables?
I'm starting to work with SAP now, so I don't know how complex is this xif...
Thank you in advance!

Hi Carolina,

I would advise you to analyse the SAP environment conditions before spending any effort on development.
The SAP connector has some limitations regarding the .Net Framework - unfortunately SAP only supports the Framework version 1.1.
If possible, use WebServices instead.

José Martins
Hello José,

What conditions are you refering? If from their side, they have webservices that I can consume?
Hum I'm starting to investigate this subject now, so I don't have enough information yet, neither SAP knowledge. :(

Anyhow, with Visual Studio Express I see that I won't be able to use mySAPExplorer...

Thank you and I'll keep on reading....
This is the third party tool