File integration ( like flash video )

File integration ( like flash video )

Hallo all

The last time that i askt a question it consisted of two construction model questions.

The Topic: RollOver image effect or flash file
A: How can I change the image OnMousHover / Enter / Over / Down / Up / Click.
B: How can I use/load a flash file in my page.

The link to this topic:
* ( )

The question about model ( A ) is resolved with the help of ( Pedro Gonçalves ) many thanks for his efforts it works great.
The question about model ( B ) is not resolved.

If someone can show me an example please.
That would be great.

So what I would want to know is:

How can I use/load a flash file in my page, for example ( YouTube, MyVideo, )
How can I use a flash file or other video material as a resource in my eSpase, for example ( Like an image )

And i have tried the OmlResources.exe
But OmlResources.exe did not work at all, and i use windows 7.

I also tried a other Method: Did not work, although im not sure it can very well be my own fault.
*( Topic: Flash in Web Pages.
Date: 2005-02-01 18:38:12.
Name: By Miguel Melo ).

The link to this topic:
*( )

If thare is more than one possibility i would like to no them
Because I am a newbe and im learning

 Hi Cailey,

The 'How to' in Miguel Melo's post should have work. The goal is to embed a specific html tag using an escaped expression (expression with field ‘Escape Content’ set to ‘No’). When an expression has the ‘Escape Content’ set to ‘No’ the expression is dumped in the html page exactly as the expression.

Another particularly is that you need to including in your application the flash file using Service Studio’s OMLResource utility or using an Extension (via Integration Studio) so you could reference the file as a resource of your application. 

By the way, can you tell me why it didn’t work? Was the html wrongly generated?


João Portela

Hi João thanks for your reaction to my questions.

To answer yours ( Can you tell me why it didn’t work? Was the html wrongly generated? )

Wel the html is not wrongly generated works perfectly.
But is it possible if you have no images in your project folder ( eSpace/images )it dos not generatethe image folder when publisht because in this test project i do not have images loaded.
And it also didn’t work because i am short of knowledge about ( Integration Studio / Service Studio ) but i am learning.

And i have tried to reference the swf file as a resource of my application with Integration Studio.
I got it loaded in to the resource folder even included the swf file worked perfectly and it publisht ( XIF file ) MyExtension.xif.
When i load the extension ( MyExtension.xif ) into Service Studio project ( MyProject.oml ) i can not find them anywhere.
Aalthough ( Actions, Entitys and Structures ) load perfectly to their proper folder in the eSpace.

Is thare an example.

Hi Cailey,

First you need to ensure that your swf file is being deployed correctly (you can check it in the eSpace deploy directory: c:\program files\outsystems\platform server\running\<espace-name>.<number>, check for the most recent directory <espace-name>.*). If your swf file is not present in the root directory or the 'img' directory you probably configured incorrectly the swf file in the Integration Studio. If this is the case, please guarantee that "Deploy Action" for the file is or 'Copy to Application directory' or 'Copy to Images directory'. After, republish the extension and your espace and re-check that file is present in the deploy directory.


Please let me know if you have any difficulty configuring & deploying the swf file.

Regarding referencing extension resources in the Service Studio, unfortunately it's not possible :(, but you can submit this feature request sending an email to




João Portela

Hi guys,
Let me just add an alternative for adding resources to your eSpace - using the tool omlresources.exe.

First you need to get access to it from your command prompt:
  • You can copy this file from your ServiceStudio directory (usually c:\Program Files\OutSystems\Service Studio <version>\OmlResources.exe)
  • or set the DOS path to it (set PATH=%PATH%; c:\Program Files\OutSystems\Service Studio 4.2\)

Then, in your eSpace's directory you just have to call omlresources.exe in the following way:
  • To include your flash file in the eSpace: omlresources -o MyeSpace.oml -a myFlash.swf
  • To list the resources in your eSpace: omlresources -o MyeSpace.oml -l
  • To get help on this command tool: omlresources -h

Be sure to close your eSpace before adding/removing any resources to it.

Hope it helped.