Best way for editing web.css

Best way for editing web.css

In Service Studio ( you can add web.css from the menu (edit->style sheets...) and for instance from the style attributes in the right panel.

We experience problems if two persons are wortking on the stylesheet. In many cases the changes to web.css are not published correctly. Or the changes got lost.

So my (our) question: what way should we edit the css ?

Hi Joop,


When you merge your work with the server's, doesn't the stylesheet show up along the list of differences found?

Please see an example in attach.


For best practice and to avoid frequent merge conflicts, I suggest you divide each developer's work so as not to occur any overlappings.


Let me know if that helped.




Yes it shows in the merge.
However some changes are lost in merging or are not shown.

There seems to be a difference in editting the css from the menu (Edit->Stylesheets) and from an attributes property panel in the panels on the right side of service studio.

In our case it were some changes to the overall layout of the site done by two developers.
So there was no way to split the css.

Would also be nice to have a internal editor for the stylesheets instead of opening notepad :-(


Hi again Joop,


In the past there were some cases regarding false positives in the Merge feature. If that is the situation, or if you think it's a bug, please submit a brief description in the Submit  Feedback tool (menu > Help > Submit Feedback). There should be no difference using the editor from each of those locations.


Regarding the internal editor, you can select other than notepad. Just go to menu Edit > Options > External Editors and point to the one you prefer. My personal option goes to the Free CSS Toolbox which, besides syntax highlighting, provides handy formatting and checking features.


Good luck with your development and let me know if I can help you in anything else.


Kind regards,