Hosting an application developed in OS

Hosting an application developed in OS

Hi there,
I'll start developing a few simple web apps and i'm a little bit confused.

Where can i host my apps?
Does the hosting company needs to have some kind of OS componentes instaled?

Can i just deploy my apps as 100% .net/java code?

Helo JS,


Thank you for posting your question.


The OutSystems platform hosts its applications in its own application server. If you've installed the Community Edition, the platform server is placed in your own machine. This means you deploy your applications to your localhost.


The system requirements for installing the OutSystems platform can be found here. You can also opt for a virtual or cloud hosting service such as Amazon EC2. Just be sure the minimum requirements are available on your server instance. Outsystems only provides hosting services for development environments if you're already a customer with a license.


Regarding your last question: absolutely, all OutSystems deployed applications are 100% .net/java code, since the platform server runs over one of those technologies.


Let me know if you have any other questions or comments.


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I would just like to add that I have also had successful experiences deploying the Agile Platform in GO GRID (

Daniel Lourenço  

Hi JS,

There is a new How-to Install the Agile Platform Community Edition in the Amazon Cloud with detailed instructions on how to cover your need.


I have successfully installed Agile Platform on Softlayer CloudLayer (, Rackspace CloudServer ( and Citrix XenServer (

How did you manage to deploy it on goGrid? Did you detach the source code of your app before uploading to their server and if so did you retain the enterprise manager back office or did u have to create your own backoffice since your were deploying it independent of the platform server.

Thats a good question Tmlewin

I would also like to understand how  applications that are detached from the Agile Platform retain the functionality that is provided by Enterprise Manager, particularly the functionality that controls security roles and users. By detaching the code does the platform create a basic interface for managing users and roles??
Dear Alex and Tmlewin,

Thank you for your interest in the Agile Platform.
In a nutshell, and according to the Agile Platform licensing agreement, please let me remind you that the Detachment of the Generated Code is only to be used as an “exit option” for customers with a paid subscription. It is a capability OutSystems provides their customers to secure their investment and protect their intellectual property. Please refer to the post Detach OutSystems applications for a more detailed explanation.
Now answering your questions, GoGrid provides a virtualization cloud where you can access servers as if they were in your datacenter. Thus you can install the Agile Platform in those servers regularly, as you would do in any other server.

All apps built with the Agile Platform can be detached, including Enterprise Manager. All you have you do, is follow this technical note for all your apps, one by one, including Enterprise Manager.

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Dear Rodrigo

This may be going off topic and if it is I apologise but as you have touched on it here I thought I would ask.

The reason that I enquired about detaching the source code was a simple one really. We are looking at using the Agile Platform (paid subscription licensed version) to develop a portal application that we will use internally in our own company at the outset, therefore a hosting solution such as GoGrid would be ideal and it is good to know we could use that to deploy our completed application to provide a cloud based solution.

However we are also looking to package and market the portal as a commercial application. The SaaS model works well here and a cloud hosted application would be ideal however we have considered the possibility that clients may NOT wish to use a cloud hosted environment, preferring to deploy the application and database on their own internal servers instead thus protecting their data.

We would want to market the portal to them under our own licensing agreement and obvioulsy not want them to have to pay additional license fees for the Agile platform (obviously we would also not want them to be able to make changes the application). In this scenario we would want to detach the source code and deploy the solution as a stand alone application on their servers for them.

Is this still legal as long as we retain the Agile Platform license to continue development? Perhaps this post should go in its own topic?

As I said if this is off topic I apologise but i am sure there are other members of the community thinking the same thing regarding the development of commercial applications and the way they are hosted outwith the Platform. I look forward to your reply.

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your explanation. This is no way out of topic and your questions make all sense.

We in fact have several customers that follow the ISV model you described. It is a common need to build a product with the Agile Platform and wanting to sell that product to several customers of you.

This has been done by our customers in two different ways:
  • Some deploy the product in the cloud and offer their customers a SaaS, which subscribe the product online in a self-service mode. Using this model, you would subscribe one Agile Platform and offer your customers the service to use the app. This implies a technical solution where the same app supports multiple customers. This is achievable with the Agile Platform.
  • Others sell the product to deploy on premise on the customer datacenter or even in a cloud, but basically in a dedicated infrastructure of the customer. For these, we have an ISV licensing model that is not public in our site. You have to contact us to discuss this ISV model with you. If you'd like, I'll forward the right person to have this discussion with you.
In all cases, to deploy an OutSystems application you need an active Agile Platform subscription in the machine where you deploy the app.

King regards,
Hi Alex,

Don't worry about the question being off-topic - it is actually a very relevant question, and so its answer will surely be helpful to many other community members.

For that specific scenario, we do have specific licensing agreements for companies and people who are looking to develop products in OutSystems and sell them, and we already have some companies doing it. However, they are best handled on a case-by-case scenario, but rest assured that that case is covered.

While I am not the best person to fill you in on the details, I encourage you to ask our Agile Professional Center directly about it, since they are the best people to respond to any questions you have about that process. I have already given them a small brief about it, but since they probably don't have your direct contact, do give them a word so you can get all your answers from the right source.

I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best in your venture.

Do keep us posted on further developments!

Paulo Tavares

Nice one Alex ,you have certainly asked almost everything i had in mind  and also thanks Rodrigo  and Paulo for your nice response.I wish to find out one more thing ,if i want to deploy a web portal application for a  government ministry that uses an internal and dedicated server for extreme security purposes ,would i have to purchase a seperate subscription for another license to deploy my app on that ministries server assuming i install the agile platform in their dedicated server  apart from the paid subscription which has to be done before  for developing that app and testing it  on my local server containing my agile platform install. i would love  to know if i have to pay twice, one for my own private development purposes and the other for deploying the app together with the agile install on the government server.
Hi Tmlewi,

Good question! Short answer: one subscription is enough.

When you purchase an Agile Platform subscription of the Standard or Enterprise Edition, you are entitled to an infrastructure with at least 3 environments for Dev, QA, and Production.

The Agile Platform is a solution to support the life-cycle of enterprise apps, therefore all editions and licensing options support that life-cycle with 3 environments (Standard Edition) or more (Enterprise Edition).

In your scenario, the customer would purchase an Agile Platform subrscription, install an environment for production and the others for development and QA as you correctly noticed. Further, production environments that require horizontal scalability can have multiple front-end servers in the Enterprise Edition.

You have more details of this in the Agile Platform Editions & Pricing page. Check the lines that refer to Production Environment and Development Environment.

Kind regards,

Hi Paulo and Rodrigo

I just wanted to say thank you both for your very comprehensive answers to this post. i have found them really useful

As a I will probably be the project manager for this project we are about to undertake it is really important for me to understand these issues and particularly the costs involved.

It would be useful to talk to the right person regarding this ISV model (what does ISV stand for?) so that I can better understand what costs would be involved in licensing the application this way.

Once again many thanks for your help and I'll keep you posted.

"what does ISV stand for?"

Independent software vendor - a company that makes and sell commeral grade software to the masses or make and sell to niche market.
Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc

Hi there. I have a related question on this topic: When you say we need a subscription to deploy the system so, there is no point, if we are going to provide the software as a SaaS, to use something like GoGrid?
We are planning to develop an application and we intent to sell it on Outsystems server, as an SaaS. Is that possible? How this subscription/ hosting stuff works?
Ronaldo, to develop your application using outsystems agile platform and operate your business via SaaS,, you only need to purchase a single outsystems software license for your own company.

You can provide software as a services (SaaS) to as many companies/3rd party as you like, under your companies outsystems software licence agreement, and providing that your company is hosting the service.

However, if you develop applications and the let the client run them on their own server, your client will be required to purchase their own software licenses from outsystems.

Thanks for the reply Robert.

In one of the posts Rodrigo says that with one license we would have a development, QA and production enviroment. You said the SaaS is possible since we host the software - it means we can't use the production enviroment you guys provide and have to host elsewere or in fact we can use that production enviroment.
Sorry - just need to make sure - I tried to make the same questions using the email address provided but had no answer so far.
Hi Ronaldo,

For the time being, we only provide a 3 day trial in the cloud. After that you have to install the Agile Platform in a server of yours (hosted or otherwise). What do you mean by "the production enviroment you guys provide"?

After purchasing an Agile Platform subscription you get a license for 3 servers (dev, qa, production) which you must install in a server of yours (either hosted or in your datacenter).

Thanks Rodrigo.
Now I got the idea on how the licensing works.

Did anyone ever tried to deploy an app in the "godaddy" virtual dedicated servers?

Is this godaddy reliable?
I need to decide between normal hosting or cloud.
Comparing configuration and prices the best bets seem to be GoDaddy (US) and AlvoTech (Europe).

I've heard customers of both that recommend them for web hosting. If someone with OutSystems also has the same good experience it would be nice to ear.
Having looked at the pricing models of some of these hosting companies.  I find it difficult to understand what it is going to cost me to host my agility platform there and provide 24/7 web access to it for non registered users to view the site.  Can anyone enlighten me?


I've used GoDaddy many times for non-OutSystems sites and so far it's been very reliable. I would like to try hosting an OutSystems app with GoDaddy, so I'd also like to know if anyone has done it ... and how!
I'm using Hetzner in Germany.
It's pretty cheap and the performance is good.

You just need to setup the platform yourself.
I tried to install the full version of outsystems platform, with the ils server, but the installation allways interrupted just before finishing.
I rolled back to myAdmin, PHP, mySQL, on localhost:8080, but there is no way to connect outsystems to it, it allways returns, localhost not found.
I tried then, to connect to my webhost, database, but since the instructions do  not specify, how to model the connection url, I'm clueless on waht to put there. I tried (so stated by host), but since it is a db named vosdb, that dind't work. Then I tried, that, seemed to be doing something, but in the end didn't work either.
I spent 7 hours yesterday in installing php my admin on the computer, and still can't use the program. I think the initial information on how to connect are to sparse for beginners...!!!
Hi hosting-educated folks,

I've setup a new discussion to gather the hosting options that can be used to easily and cheaply setup Community Edition installations:

Your input would be most valuable! :)