I have been searching and searching for descriptions and differentation of the various Entity actions, like Create versus CreateOrUpdate. It looks like documentation exists for version 9, but I cannot find it in teh current system. Ideas?

You can see the differtene of the actions "in a hight level"  in the action description field:

Hi Joseph,

What you want to know? they are pretty self explainable to my opinion.

  • Create a record
  • Create or Update a record (Create if Id  = NullIdentifier(), else update)
  • Get a record
  • Get a record for update (so locking a record)
  • Delete a a record




Hi Joseph,

We know it's still something we have to update on our written documentation. 

While we do that, I hope the Learn videos can help.


I'd like more detail about why I would choose one over the other and the implications. I'll take a look at the videos.

The videos are not terribly helpful either. I am guessing that the CreateOrUpdate does a Select first, then if it gets nothing, does an insert, or else down an update. Or maybe it tries an update, and if it fails does an Insert. Here's hoping the documentation will offer more detail for us database nerds who want to know exactly what happens.


+1 from me. I'd like to also know about the configuration of auditing for all database entity changes. I assume no such functionality exists, but would be good to confirm.