Hi All,

Is there a way to create roles dynamically.


Checked the actions and seems we don't have one. I was thinking about it though, even if you can create roles dynamically, how can you use it in OutSystems since they need to be configured in development to be used?


You can create, insert records on the fisical table roles, but they wont show up on the platform.

So my advice is dont go down that path. 

understand how the plaform works with the roles and build your own user profile management.

You have here an interesting article about it,

and a example here that i found very much self explanatory of how you can implement the thing 


Hi Ajithkumar Radhakrishnan,

Generally, you cannot add a role dynamically to the OutSystems. You need to do it during the project creation. ut if your project requires to manage role dynamically then you need to create your own custom role logic. That is you need to create your own roles and functions to validate each web screen based on your business logic.

Please see my reply in the below post for reference.



Assignment of roles to users can be done dynamically in an application you will build. creation of the roles as we suggest here, no.