Integrate application with LDAP


I would like to have some support in how to integrate my application with LDAP.
I have tried to follow some of the posts that are in the forum but without success. Maybe provide a checklist with a how to do it, will help me.

Thanks for your attention,

Nuno Mendes
Hi Nuno,

To understand the several configuration variables in Enterprise Manager you can read the documentation that is available in the Enterprise Manager pack that you can download in the Enterprise Manager component page.

To integrate with LDAP, what you have to do is the following:
  • In the EnterpriseManager eSpace, set the following site properties 
    • Ldap_Login = true (this is only needed to set the default user login process as LDAP - the defalt user login process is used when in the user configuration in Enterprise Manager Authentication Mode = Site Default. If you set this value to Authentication Mode = LDAP in the user configuration, it is not necessary to set this site property)
    • IntegratedAuthentication_Login = false;
    • Ldap_Hostname = <LDAP Server Name>

Please bare in mind the fact that the LDAP Integrations is not available in the OutSystems Community Edition version.

Best Regards,
Daniel Lourenço 

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the help.

Best Regards,
Nuno Mendes

I would like to have some support in how to integrate my application with Novell eDirectory.

I've tried to change the LDAPHostname using Enterprise Manager UserManagement Authentication. The hostname I use is "hostname.domain/o=treename"
I already use just "hostname.domain"

Any help would be great"!
Hi Pedro, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

In order for anyone to be able to help you better, maybe the best information you could give us is exactly what kind of errors are you bumping into, and what error messages are being logged in Service Center, when your application tries to connect to Novell.


Paulo Tavares

Paulo, thanks for your reply. There are no messages at service center and the only message I received was Invalid User or Password in a feedback message.

Anyway, I think I can solve the problem with a new LDAP extension for Java that uses a User Proxy and Password  to authenticate any other user in Novell directory. That's the way we have our Tree configured, for security reasons.

If I solve the problem i will share with the community the extension and the solution.

Best regards

Hi Pedro,

Good to hear. Let us know how it goes!

Paulo Tavares