How can I convert a server module to a blank module

Platform version       :
Service Studio version : 11.6.23

In a web application I like to convert a server module to a blank module.

I started this action manual by copying all logic and data. But all my raise exception calls are disconnected from the user exceptions.

Is there a way to convert the whole module or else is there a way to copying all server actions without loosing the relation with the user exceptions?

I have also tried to manually fill in all the used user exceptions and than copying the actions without success.


Hi Fred Stoopendaal,

I thing You can't change service module to blank or any other module type, outsystems gives functionality to change reactive or traditional module into service or library. (in module menu).

Or you can refer this link for further information.



Hi Fred,

I agree with Poonam, that you should convert to a Service Module, A service module is basically a Blank Module without the Interface tab, so no screens, no webblocks, no session variables, no images.

The benefit of the Convert To Service option is however that all other objects (also the User Exceptions) are availabel in the converted module without breaking dependencies.