BPM Activity Identifier Issue - Unable to retrieve Activity ID properly


I am having a workflow process defined in my application. I do not have much experience on OS BPT but I do know that human activities , process IDs etc are stored in their own tables like Activity, Process etc.

I was facing issues in querying my Custom table data with the Internal Process table . So i decided to store the Activity ID as a part of the custom table itself. The scenario is as follows

a. I have a ApprovalTicket table which stores my approvals raised in the system. I add a column to store the current Activity Id in my custom table whenever the ticket transitions from one kind of approver to another.

b. In my workflow , just after the transition occurs from one Human Activity to another I update my custom table to store that new activity ID. 

The issue is most of the times this works but there are few times this doesnt work. I am bit confused why on certain occasions that Activity Identifier shows up as null

Warm regards


Hi Rosario,

You should take Process_id in your custom table for relating process with you approvals.

and while creating human activity assign user id to User_id column in Outsystems acitvity table.it means you are assign an activity to users. 

Fetch those activity from activity table which is assign to current user so the activity assign to user will fetched.

Hope this helps