[Azure Cognitive Services Connector] Custom Vision - Predict Image : Error 404: Resource Not Found

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Published on 20 Jul (2 weeks ago) by Rui Parente
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Published on 20 Jul (2 weeks ago) by Rui Parente


I am using the Azure Cognitive Services Connector to connect my mobile app to my Azure Custom Vision Project.

At the moment I still have a free azure account with max 2 Projects in the customvision ai portal. I have set the keys and location in the outsystems module management and the connection works. I can manage to CreateProject, GetProject, CreateTag, GetTags, etc. in my mobile app.... But I still have problems with the PredictImage action.  When I try to upload an image binary or from an image Url I always get the Error 404: No Resource found. I get the same error when I test the PredictImage on the Azure Cognitive Services Connector Sample Application. 

Do you know what could be the problem here?

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Hello Gerda.

Can you please let me know what action of the connector are you using: CreateImage_v3 or CreateImage?

One of the most recent changes in the Azure API for cognitive services was on custom vision. 

Do you have the latest version of the component installed?


Bruno Martinho