Change database default port

Our DBA is considering changing the default port for our production SQL Server from 1433 to something else. Can OutSystems connect to the database over another port? I don't see this setting in the configuration tool.


Haven't installed on-premises for a while. I'd say it is just a matter of setting it on server address section, but the documentation specifically says you need to open 1433...

I thought as much, but I couldn't find a field to put the port number into! I tried to be cheeky and try servername:port and that timed out even with the default port. 

Hi Mohammed,

You should be able to change the port in SQL Server Configuration Manager

I have never tried this for an on-premise OutSystems infrastructure though, but I think it could work.

If your DBA is considering this for security reasons, he might  need to reconsider as the linked article mentions:

TCP/IP architecture permits a port scanner to query for open ports, so changing the port number is not considered a robust security measure.

I hope this information is helpful.



Hey Nordin

Yes we have changed the port from SQL Server before, but we are not sure how to get OutSystems to communicate with SQL Server on the new port. As shown in the screenshot above, there is no field for port.

You raise a good point about how changing the port is not a very effective security measure. But in our case, this is one of the very few safety measures available to the security team so they are determined to "get them all".



I think we found the answer. In hindsight, it was really obvious. The correct format is servername,port (use a comma to specify the custom port). I've seen this in connection strings before but it didn't occur to me until now!