How to generate an OML file?

Hello, community!

I was asked to share an OML file, but Ihave no idea how to make it in Application Studio. 

Please kindly help.

Platform: Service Studio 10

Thank you in advance!



Its very easy, to save a oml file you just need to open application module for which want to save OML. Then click on Module -> Export -> save/save as and it will be saved as OML.



Please open the service studio and open an application. then goto that application and choose the module and there is an export option. from there you have to save the OML file. 

Please check the screen,

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Thank you, vikas sharma and Sudip Dey!
It turns out really easy! 



Hi Altynshash,

If you want to download and share published version of the application oml, you can do that by opening module in service studio then go to Module -> Module Management menu item

It will open service studio. You can login if you are not already login there. There you will see a Download Published Version button.

Hi Altynshash,

Can also save the oml file by pressing CTRL + S key.


Selva GirishWaran.