How to enable 3 finger debug mode on a virtual mobile device running in an emulator?

From MABS 6, it is possible to enable debugging on a mobile app by pressing 3 fingers on the display area. This is fine on a physical phone, however, how can I enable debugging on devices running in the emulator (Android Studio and Apple Xcode emulators) since I can only use my mouse for pointing/touching?

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I don't see anything in the documentation for this feature indicating that it is intended to work in an emulator.

If the emulator is running on Windows, you could probably use something like Wireshark or Fiddler to inspect the network requests. There are probably similar tools available for Mac, but I'm not familiar with them.

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I think if you are developing application on Outsystems then can't use Android studio or Xcode emulators. In Outsystems emulators will open in browser only. For checking errors or request you can do it by inspecting element on emulators page. by this way will be able to see any java script error, api response errors etc.

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Or get your hand on a laptop with touch screen?

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@vikas We are talking about mobile applications so there's a high probability that you will be using cordova plugins (and the app that I'm currently working on uses several). You can't test such applications in the OutSystems emulator if the plugins are essential to the functionality of the app (for instance, if you use them for security) since the plugins will not work on your browser.

Hopefully I will have access to several mobile devices soon (including apple devices). It's just taking a bit long to get past all our procurement processes and policies (whilst management want's to know what's the hold-up because we haven't gone live yet).

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I have stumbled on the same problem. I'm currently trying out firebase mobile on an android emulator, but I'm stuck and want to debug to see exactly what's going on. But I can't get the 3 finger debug mode. I don't have an android phone nor a laptop with touchscreen.