'Return' button instead of 'Search' button IOS Keyboard


I have a search field in my mobile application. 

The issue is that in IOS devices the keyboard that show up for the search input, instead of Search button appears the Return Button. Th return will be working like the Search. The issue is that is not good the label for this case. 

Anyone knows how to correct this?



Hello Camila,

Can you try one of this options?

  • add input name=search
  • add input type=search
  • add id to input with the case sensitive word "search" in the ID, for example the-search or thesearchgod

Hope it helps!



Hello Luís, 

I have input type: Search.

Are you suggesting do this in attributtes part?

Thanks, Camila

Hello Camila,

I don't know if you still have this problem, try to put the field in a form, it should resolve your problem.

With the best regards,


Hello Gonçalo, I have it in a form already. But I continue with the issue too. :s



I ask Oustsytems Support Team for help. Seems that this is happening with MABS 6. The workaround for now it is using this peace of code in OnReady. 

varformsCollection = document.getElementsByTagName("form");
for(var i=0;i<formsCollection.length;i++)
 var form=formsCollection[i];
 form.action=' ';

Thanks, Camila