[Google Places Autocomplete for Reactive and Mobile] Places is not showing correct adres

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Published on 8 Jan by Nikhil Gaur
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Published on 8 Jan by Nikhil Gaur


If I use this autocomplete and type a adres like Streetname 19A in the drop down I see the correct full name like: Streetname 19A, City, Country. When I select that adres I get a address back like: Streetname 19, City, Country. It's loosing the A from the number and there fore it's returning also the incorrect zip code.

Is this fixable or is this a problem from the Google Places service?

Hi Freek,

The returned result is from google service itself. Google service may returns many other fields also but here in this component I have picked and returned only latitude, longitude & formatted_address fields.

Hi Nikhil, I understand that the address is in the formatted_address fields so what I'm saying is I type in a field Streetname 19A in the drop down box I see Streetname 19A, City, Country. When I click on it the formatted_address fields contain the incorrect address. The problem is probably in google.

Hi Freek,

I can not say there is an issue in google service because for me all the searches returning correct results. Can you please share share your exact search phrase and the result you are selecting so that I can test that at my end too.

But keep in mind google may show different result to you and me based on our location and other data that they usually track :)

I send you a pm

Yes, I have replied some screenshot. For me results are correct. But you are right, from 19A in the list selection A was stripted.