How to use java in screen preparation ?

Good afternoon,
I decided to download your application from and liked.
However I am with some difficulties, especially for being new in the world of programming.
How do I put a javascript function to work in screen preparation?

Tiago Vicente
Hi Tiago,

What are you trying to do for having the needs to implement javascript function in a screen preparation?

Hi Tiago


The screen preparation is code that is run in the server, not the browser. So it actually does not make much sense to _run_ javascript in the preparation - instead it would make sense to _generate_ javascript to be placed somewhere in the page, as to produce some result.


Can you specify what you want to do? Maybe I am not seeing your scenario completely...

Good morning,
Thanks for the Quick response,

What I want to do is make a particular cell of the a “table record” takes a different color if today is a holiday, I can identify the day by consulting a table of “special days”, i can make appear in the that cell the word “true” that symbolizes today is a “special day” but with I can’t change the background color of the cell that has “true” word.
I tried in “extended properties” of the cell put some javascript without any success.
The javascript works if a have a button and click, but the intension is to run automatically when I access the page.

Tiago Vicente

Well i think you can do this without javascript in a very simple way.
I supose that you have the word true appearing using some sort of condition?
Combining that same condition with the Extended Propertys you can get the desired effect.

Go to the "CELL" and choose Extended Properties
Name : Style
Value : If(condition,
"background-color: #FFFFFF" ,"")
What happens is that when the condition that is used to make the word true appear by using the same condition for the style property will make the background set the color #FFFFFF, otherwise the background will keep the usual one.
Hi Gonçalo Cardoso,
It works :)
Thanks for your good help
Tiago Vicente