Mobile : onchange event of checkbox not called when it is inside a list control

I have created a screen on mobile : OutSystem 10 , where I am using a list control and checkboxes inside it as a listItem. I want to show the number of item selected from the list, selected using the checkbixes

In order to do so, I have written a logic in onChange event of the checkboxes, It is working fine when the listcount is other than two. When there are two items on the list then first time when I select the checkbox the onChange event is not working. This is something weird behavior of the control.

Can anybody give me the resolution of this or can suggest how can I manage this bug.

Please note, It is working fine in emulator. But not in mobile device.



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Dear Arpita,

I am not sure if you are able to solve this issue yet.

As per my understanding, there is a scenario of nested list.Correct?

If you can, please provide more details about this issue.
A screenshot or sample OML file contains this issue will be helpful to evaluate for. 


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Hi Arpita Pancholi,

Did were able to solve this issue? I'm facing the same problem.

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Hi Arpita, Cátia,

I tried to implement the same scenario in OS Version 11 and it's working as expected..

see this sample app (list is having only 2 records)

Please let me know if the sample implementation doesn't cover the scenario which you are dealing with.


Benjith Sam

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Hi Benjith, 

I'm facing this in OS 11 (v 11.8.7) but it's the react.. so it's similar for mobile.