A series of tutorials on Reactive Web Apps

Hey fellow OutSystems developers,

I would like to share with you an initiative I've been involved with, during the last few weeks, that is of interest to the OutSystems community.

The team at OutPower (OutSystems' Training and Recruitment) has produced several tutorials with relevant content for OutSystems Developers.

I would say the Reactive series is awesome, but that's me! ;) That's not all though, there is more... have a look in the youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/OutPower

So that you can understand the reason for my post, here's the list of tutorials.


Other OutSystems tutorials:

Any feedback is welcome!

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Thanks for sharing, Tiago.

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Thanks Tiago. 

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Thanks Tiago for sharing.

Thank you for this sharing! (",)

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Great! Maybe OutSystems should reserve a spot on the Learn site for OutSystems learn content created by partners.

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Nice work Tiago! 

I've been following some the videos I came across via your LinkedIn-feed.

I like what Daniël is suggesting though. Sharing this kind of content via the OutSystems Community site would benefit us all. 

@Daniël: Maybe you can add this as an idea. You've got my vote :).



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Voted! :)

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Thanks, Tiago for sharing it.

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Thanks for sharing Tiago.

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That's such great feedback. Thank you all.

Daniël - What a great idea! Liked it already. :) There's so much great content around but we have to make an effort to find it. This would certainly be helpful.

Thanks Tiago

Thank you for your sharing Tiago.

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Great work Tiago. Keep up the good work!

One up vote from my side too for the idea.

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Thank you for sharing.  

And a great Idea too

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We've just added another tutorial and since I can't edit original post, to include it, here it is...

On this video we give a look into the Javascript API for Feedback messages. we go through the API available methods and how we can use the available parameters.

Reactive web applications - JavaScript API Feedback Message - https://youtu.be/WprYUykrQng

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Hi Tiago, 

Thanks for sharing the wonderful tutorial. It will be really helpful for Outsystems developer team.

@Daniël : Voted +1

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Thanks Tiago.

@Daniël Voted +1 

Thank you for the content Thiago.

 Really very useful.

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Awesome feedback! Thank you so much.

Daniël's idea has also picked up a lot of traction - 40 likes as of now.

For everyone:

  1. What other specific topics, on Reactive, would you like us to work on next?
  2. Besides Reactive, what sort of tutorial would the community need?


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This is a great initiative and truly helps out new users grasp certain concepts that aren't fully explored in the guided paths or online courses.

@Daniël : +1 Vote

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Thanks Miguel!

We're trying to fill in some gaps with short and specific tutorials. Hopefully, working together with OutSystems, we'll be able to complement each other even better.

In the meantime, if anyone has any specific challenge they would like to see addressed, either add a post here or PM me.

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Thank you so much - I was looking for that kind of tutorials

Great work Tiago. Keep up the good work!