Hello All,

I lost some data by following below steps: 

Step1: Changed attribute name ex. Full_Name to FullName

Step2: Deploy code from dev to QA

after step two I lost data which was there initially. How to restore it?

Any pointer would be helpful.

Thanks & Regards

Prajakta Roshankhede


Hi Prajakta,

If you rename back to the old name and publish again, you will have access again to the data.

Please read: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Reference/OutSystems_Language/Data/Database_Reference/How_Data_Model_Changes_are_Handled

"If you rename an Attribute, OutSystems creates a new column with the new name in the database. The old column with all its data remains in the database untouched, but it won’t be available in the development environment.

If there’s already a column with the same name in the database, OutSystems tries to map the attribute to the existing database column. OutSystems tries to convert the column data type if necessary."




It isn't really deleted, the platform actually creates another field on the database, if you change back to the original field name you can see that the data is all still there.

You can read more about it here Why a new database attribute is created when you rename it in Service Studio

Nuno Verdasca

Thanks Daniel and Nuno. It really helps me a lot.