when I'm in the login process, enter the credentials I get a box in the browser

reactive web

Google chrome


Hi Ivan,

I don't think you'll be able to do this. This is a browser feature that will be presented always when you got a "password type" in the page. The only way to do this it's to change that input to "text" and some how mask the content to present hidden characters instead of the real string. However, it would have some security flaws...


Hi Ivan,

Like Tiago said, this is not possible with modern browsers, the reason behind it being explained here. Basically, browsers are more secure than humans, so you should want browsers storing passwords.

This is a Chrome question, but here it goes.

This is a user configuration, nothing you as a developer can control.

  1. On Google Chrome open Settings.
  2. Go to Autofill and then Passwords
  3. The first option is "offer to save passwords". Just uncheck it and after a chrome restart it is done.