I need to create a ellipsis menu so that i can choose which action i would like to perform on a certain object. 

The actions usually do not link to a page but call for a screen action. 

Any help?

thank you! 

Hi Elizabeth,

Is this Mobile, Traditional Web or Reactive Web?

In reactive web


What is your problem exactly?

Are you not able to show it as an ellipsis (thus its style/related) ?

Are not able to show the menuitems after the user clicked on that specific button?

Or do you have other issues?

I am not sure how to show the items when the user clicks the button. Also, I've tried it now in the traditional web and used a dropdown rich widget which is not available in the reactive web. 

I am looking into a popover or a dropdown but am unsure which would be better suited for an ellipsis menu. 

Imho you should look at toggling a container visibility to start with.

(toggling an if-widget based on a boolean for example)