Impressed with the new BPM feature in Version 5, I went through the new online developer course part 3.

At some moment I had to debug my application to figure out what went wrong.

So I started my application in my personal area with various breakpoints set. But when I select a task from the task-list the logic in the 'normal' area is executed and not the logic in my personal area. And therefore my breakpoints will not be detected and I cannot debug the underlying logic.

I am not allowed to download the EPA Tasklist espace and do a deploy in my personal area.

So how can I debug the logic behind a task from the new BPM EPA task list?


Peter Braat

I Peter.


I'm glad you liked the Business Process Technology in version 5.0.


The process debugging was not released as it was not ready at launch time.

The good news is that we are working on it at this moment, and it will be released in a minor upgrade shortly.

You will be able to debug your processes the same way you debug the rest of the eSpace (you will not need to open or debug the taskbox).



Lúcio Ferrão

Hey Lucio,

How far are you with debugging processes ?
I have a problem with one of my processes and I'm not able to debug the EPA taskbox since it is a system OML ...

And can we disable the "Done" button on the EPA taskbox ?