USER: extend "Username" length

USER: extend "Username" length

#1 what do you need to do to extend the username length?
Currently it Is set to 50, want to extend this to 128.

#2 the built in function "LoginPassword" is this tied to the "USER" entity?
Ie function checks the data Input values againist the data values stored in the USER entity.

Hi Robert,


The username attribute belongs to a system entity, {User}. Thus,


#1 you need to create an auxiliary entity that references {User} system entity and stores the "complete" username (128 chars).


#2 Yes, LoginPassword is a built-in action that receives a {User} entity identifier and a password to be checked in the database.


This scenario could work in your case:


i) use Encrypt() function to compress username attributes to 50chars in {User} system entity.

ii) use Encrypt() function to compare the login username with any existing in the {User} entity - this helps you identify the user in the login process.

iii) verify the password with Encrypt(password) over a simple query on {User} table

iv) use Login built-in action instead of LoginPassword, since you already authenticated the user in the steps above.


Hope that helped.




Usually you'll want short usernames. The username is the "login", wherease the "Name" attribute is the user's full name. Can you provide the use case that leads to the requirement of 128 characters for the Username attribute?
We perfer to use the email address as the username.  That is the case where we would prefer to autopopulate the username field as the email address (just to avoid any build-in issues with using/needing the username).
Hi TravTrax,

This topic is already a bit old. :)
In the current version of the platform the username is already extended to 250 characters.

João Rosado