Create two Yaxis columns in lineChart with HighCharts API - OutSystems 11


I'm trying to create a second Yaxis in my lineChart with HighCharts API

the problem is i dont know how it works. I have tried to modify and then put the JSON (from HighCharts API JSfiddle) in both property of the linechart: YAxisJSON and HighchartsJSON but it doesn't work, it makes my linechart disappear. 

(I use this JSFiddle:

The situation is, i already have a Linechart which is work fine. But it has only one Yaxis column by default, my task is to make a linechart with two Yaxis columns and the second one is the same as the original one.

pictures to describe my issue are attached in .zip file above.

thank you all!

Here is my OML files.