[BPT Utils] Error publishing solution containing BPTUtils

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Published on 2018-10-10 by Messias Peralta
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Published on 2018-10-10 by Messias Peralta


We are testing our product after migrating it from version 10.0.1021.0 to 11.7.2 of Platform Server and an error occurs whenever we try to publish a solution that contains BPT Utils v3.0.0, but not when we publish the application alone.


  1. Create new solution
  2. Associate Component BPTUtils to the solution
  3. Publish Current Running Version

Publish Log:

  • Upgrading and refreshing modules of 'Testing_BPTs'.
  • Refreshing module 'BPTUtils' dependencies.
  • Deprecated 'Session.ExceptionMessage': 'Session.ExceptionMessage' is being deprecated. Use the 'ExceptionMessage' runtime property of the 'Exception Handler' node, available inside exception handler flows.
  • Unused Element: Local Variable 'User' is never used in Web Screen 'Login'. Consider deleting it.
  • Unused Element: Input Parameter 'ActiveSubMenuItemId' is never used in Web Block 'Menu'. Consider deleting it.
  • TODO: Create Log History Delete timer.
  • Unknown 'Log_Error Identifier' Data Type in 'Activity_Error_Id' Structure Attribute.


Did you refresh dependencies to the BPT utils module in the application you want to deploy?