FullCalendar2 resource timeline implementation


I'm new to outsystems and absolutely loving the experience. I'm working on implementing a resource scheduler application and found FullCalendar2 that might be very useful. I want to implement the daily Resource Timeline view with my resources ranging from(4-6). These are manufacturing production lines. I started working with the component, but having hard time wrapping my head around what's going on. Hoping someone can walk me through the implementation for my above use-case.

I want to understand:

1. How can I control the number of resources and limit them to just 4/5

2. How can I implement the following card view for each of my "event" 

3. I need to read from a dummy db for the resource and its schedule for this implementation and display it on the page

Here's a vertical view of what I want to implement.I need to implement a similar view, but horizontally.

Hoping someone is kind enough to take me through this. Thanks for the help!