I'm trying to control radio button values (Yes/No) from a list. 

I have a ListRecord ("ListRecord1") with a table called "Opportunity" which has a boolean field called "Opportunity_Response". I want to control the value of the radio button based on that field.

For the "Yes" radio button I have set Variable =


 and value = 

If (ListRecords1.List.Current.Opportunity.Opportunity_Response=True,True,False)

For the "No" radio button I have the same Variable, but value = 

If (ListRecords1.List.Current.Opportunity.Opportunity_Response=True,False,True)

In my OnChange event for each radio button I write the opposing value back to the database. If "Yes" is clicked > GetRecordForUpdate > Opportunity_Response=True > UpdateRecord. The same for "No" except Opportunity_Response=False. I've confirmed this is working by viewing the data. I then Ajax refresh "ListRecord1", but, the radio buttons stay the same.

I suspect I am doing something wrong in the preparation stage and have set variable or values wrong? When I reload the page it isn't displaying the correct values (so for example the DB may show False, but Yes will be selected)

Hi Steve, all ok?

So, you can do this more simple. The value of your radios buttons should be only True and False. And you are correct both should point to the same variable.

And in the onchange action. You only should save the record because the value true or false already seted in the variable by the radio-button.

I already tested and it work like a charm :D