[XML Records] add xml-tag with attribute and content
Forge component by Afonso Carvalho

Hey there!

When I use the "Attr_" and "Cont_" prefix for structure attributes, the output is like this:

i.e. with spaces.

How can I do it without spaces? Like this:


Hi absente,

Sorry it took so long to get to you on this, I've been having issues accessing the forums.

I'm not aware of any spaces being added depending on your tags. Are you certain these spaces aren't coming from your? Do you think you could share a sample module to help us reproduce the issue?


We have the same issue, did you guys find a solution?

Best regards,

Funs Vercoulen


Hello Funs,

I remember investigating this, but I could not reproduce the issue. If you've managed to make it happen consistently, do you think you could share a module with this behaviour? It looks like a bug, and I would be more than glad to correct it.

hi , i just facing the same issue, can anyone help to advise? 



how can remove the space ? or any others way to create attribute with content?

<?xml version="0.1" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<String Type="">








Hello Chris,

As I mentioned above, I am looking for a module to reproduce this behaviour. Do you think you could share an example module of this behaviour?

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