Upgrade Platform or upgrade solutions?

Hi there,

I would like your opinion on the following.

I'm considering on an upgrade to 5.0, while changing to a new machine, and would like your opinion on this.

Is it better to install 5.0 from start on my new machine and them install all solutions, or install 4.2 along with solutions and afterwards upgrade to 5.0 ?

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Diogo C S Cordeiro

Hi Diogo,

This is an interesting question, so also interested in the answer.

I'm currenty updating my local to try it all out. It works well only have to realize that espaces, extentions or solution must have been upgrated to version 4.2 before it's possible to open them in service studio 5.0 and publish them to a 5.0 server. Some components I want to add some from the components of the outsystems networkl must first be upgraded in 4.2 and then it's possible to upgrade them to 5.0. Maybe this is a thing to keep in mind.

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hi guy's,

we have a large number of outsystems servers at our office. Therefore we have the same challange.
what we have done is:
create a backup of the outsystems database
restore it to the new/same sql server using a different catalog like outsystemsV5
remove all security users from the catalog
re-install a new outsystems platform server
point this new server to the new catalog (outsystemsV5)

create new users for
-Admin (OSAdminV5)
-Runtime (OSRuntimeV5)
-Log (OSLogV5)

Create a new session database (OSASPStateV5)
Create a new user (OSStateV5)


now deploy servicecenter.

you can now enter your newly created servicecenter.
when you enter your newly created server, you will see that the license is invalid due to the change of your MAC adress. DOn't worrie you can ask outsystems to send you a new license.

now you can re-publish your espaces. you will retain all data, all identifiers etc.
you will also benifit from the latest usage of the outsystems naming eq
c:\program files\outsystems\Platform server

In the past they've used
c:\program files\outsystems\hubserver
D:\Program Files\OutSystems\Service Center

and now they're using
c:\program files\outsystems\Platform server

This is no problem since the installation reads your registry so it will install/update in the previously selected directory but when you have a large number of servers, you in general want the same directory in all servers. :)

In terms of choosing what to do for upgrading your servers it doesn't really matter, when you upgrade your "old" enviroment or setup a new enviroment.

with the path decribed here you can test and make sure nothing is broken before you remove your old enviroment.

I hope this info is usefull for you

Louis, thanks!

What you've said is usefull.

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