Job Description for Agile Platform Developers

Do any of you have a job description I can use as a template for recruiting developers that will use Agile Platform?
(web dev. skills, DB, Programing, RAD, Agile, MDD, etc.)

I am looking for developers in the NYC/USA area.


Chaim Nudell CTO
Statz, Inc.

Hello Chaim,

Don't know if you really need a job description. You can make systems in outsystem without having much experience in ICT. But you need some training in outsystem to understand it's way of working.

I can say, that people with experience in JavaScript, SQL and webservices will bring a advantage.

Kind Regards,

 Hi Chaim,


If you're looking for Agile Platform Developers you may hire them based on their level of certification, that would mean posting a job looking for OutSystems  Associate, Professional or Expert Developer.


On the other hand, Evert is right, training people in OutSystems is far more simple than training them for Java, Ruby or C#. If that's your case, the people you're looking should have:

  • An understanding of  SQL and relational databases (Oracle or SQL Server)
  • Basic procedural and functional programming knowledge (flowcharts, pseudo code or others) and algorithmics
  • An understanding of the web development paradigm

Their proficiency with SQL or with any other programming language will influence their learning curve.