Check if binary data is empty

I have an excel template and it's size is (9 846 bytes), when I try to upload this excel to import a file there´s one validation which is not working. I have tryied to check if the binarycontent is equal to nullbinary and also to check with BinaryDataSize action from BinaryData Extension.

Is there a way I can check if this excel file is reaaly empty, I mean the template has two sheets with headers but if I upload this template without no content on the template I need a validation to work.

Hi Lucas,

It seems that you don't want to know whether a binary is empty (which is indeed done via a check against NullBinary() or with BinaryDataSize()), but want to know whether the Excel file contains any rows. An empty Excel file still has a lot of meta data, so its size is not 0 (you can verify this by using the Windows Explorer).

To check whether the Excel file contains data, just use a ExcelToRecordList, and check whether the resulting List is empty or not. For any more fine-grained checks, you'll need to use one of the Forge components, like Advanced Excel, that allow you to inspect each cell for its content.