Hi all,

In the release notes of Development Environment 11.6.25 it states that the radio button widget is now available in mobile and reactive web.

However, after upgrading to this version, I still can't find the radio button in my reactive web applications. Am I completely missing it? Or do I need to update something else before I can use it?



Hi Orla, 

In Development Environment 11.6.25, there are not any widget with the name of radio button. but in this version one widget with name is "Button Group" which give the option for set of buttons from which the user can select a single option. It is working like as Radio button group.

HI Orla,

Even  can't see it. If I am not wrong it will also need update of platform not only development environment. After that only we should be able to see it.

Hi Jitender,

I am aware of the Button group, but I am asking specifically for the radio button widget. Since it is mentioned in the release notes, I am assuming the widget is now added. That is why I am asking about it.


Hi Nikhil,

Thanks for thinking with me. According to the release notes, this version of the development environment is compatible with Platform Server 11, release Sep.2018 or later. We are on this version of the platform, so no platform upgrade should be necessary. But if someone can give me definitive answer that an upgrade will make the widget available, that would be great.


Hi Orla / Jitendra,

I have update my environment .but still not find radio button.

and in release note ,clear mention about it


Rahul Sahu


Hi Orla,

You are right, that release note is a bit premature. Thanks for spotting it, we'll fix it. That widget will be released in a future version (and will require a server update).

Tiago Simões


Thanks Tiago!

I was wondering if I was going crazy :)

Hi Orla,

Agree with Tiago, my server and service studio both are running on latest version, still not able to see radio button widget.