[JIRA Connector] JIRA Connector Issue_Update Action
Forge component by OutSystems R&D

Hi Guys,

I can see that with Issue create in JIRA Connector, the input is in a form of structure which is good and made simple, but with issue_update theinput is a string type which I'm guessing that would be a JSON string, doesanyone have a simple code that I can us to help me using issue_update action(maybe just a couple of fields)?

I was thinking to store my data that I want to update in astructure then use JSON Serialization to convert it to JSON string and assignit to InputFields of issue_update action!?

any help would be appreciated.


Thanks Guys

We've realized that an Issue_Update action is missing in the code and added it ourselves.  Any chance that this can be added to the Forge component?

We have also added actions for GetTransitions and GetProjectDetails.  I am including our version with our updates. (It is an older version than the current one, but includes the above actions)


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