[Google Maps Mobile Samples] add icons in google maps mobile sample
Mobile icon
Forge component by José Fábio Vieira

How can do place icons on a map based on a list of locations:

for example:


     "name": "Vallhamnsgatan, 421 66 Västra Frölunda", 

        "lon": "11.901952", 

       "lat": "57.625916", 

       "type": "ADR", 

       "idx": "1"   


Hi Motafa,

I checked above plugin and you need to pass marker data as input parameter. As its mentioned in Sample12 screen of above mentioned component.


Sorry Vikas! I don't understand what do you mean??


In above plugin sample(Google Maps Mobile Sample), you check its taking marker values in "MarkerData" variable. So you need to pass marker data according to this structure.


Hello Mustafa, 

I suggest to check the Sample1 screen implementation: 

  1. WebBlock GoogleMaps\Map has an event called MapInitialized
  2. Evaluate the implementation of that client-action
    1. As you notice this is the place we fetch the data about our locations
    2. After that, we also assign to the client-variable MarkerData
  3. The client-variable MarkerData is used in the WebBlock as an input parameter

Please bear in mind this is just an approach from most common use-cases, you can take different implementation approaches. I strongly suggest to do a simple exercise and try to re-create the Sample1 screen in a different application so you may understand the logic and how it is built


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